Art Links

ArtStart IPhone App I designed this app to help artists develop ideas. I made it in the dark ages when you had to know how to code. One day I'll make a better version now that even people like me can make an app.
Beate Liepert Beate Liepert is my fabulous drawing/painting collaborator. (warning: this is Beate's science page)
CoDrawings A cool project I am part of. Drawings are passed among a group of Seattle-based artists. Each drawing stays about a month with an artist before being passed on. 
Degenerate Art Ensemble I have made costumes for DAE and helped them with smaller projects. They are amazing.
Danila Rumold
Diem Chau
Michelle Kern
Jonathan Lethem’s Promiscuous Materials Project
Kristen Ramirez
Stephen Vitiello Yes, I am Stephen's sister, still and always.
How Things Work Music like you haven't heard before by Tom Yoder's band. Tom seeks to give the trombone a new and improved role in music. Not jazz and no guitars, what is it? Functioncore!

Youth Expression Links

Reel Girls I've been teaching for this girls' film school for 7 years
Adobe Youth Voices for the past 7 years I have been an instructor, mentor and curriculum developer for this amazing project of the Adobe Foundation. Our goal is to help young people "create with purpose."
Wendy Ewald’s photo teaching projects I really like how Wendy Ewald teaches art and social change through photography.
Youth in Focus This is a great Seattle program for youth photographers.