Wooden Shoes

This doodle was animated in After Effects by Marisa Vitiello and Tom Yoder. The music is a song by Eskimo, a band Tom played in in the late 1980s and early 90s.

Lost in Slumber

Marisa is always getting lost but especially at night in the big buildings of her dreams. This footage was shot by Tom Yoder in super-8 film, hand-processed and then transferred via wall projection with plenty of distortion. Music is performed by People’s Bizarre, composed by Jess Ivry.

Wedding Video for a Friend

This is a project I made in After Effects for a friend's wedding.

Idea of Mother Excerpt

This is an excerpt of An Idea of Mother, a seven-minute Super-8 film finished on video. The film/video centers on photographs of a friend taken almost every day of her pregnancy. It explores the tension between the interior and exterior dialogues that surround women’s ability to bear children. Text is by Maria McLeod.


Application is a story by Marisa Vitiello about balancing the ideal and the real, about the terrible uncertainty produced by the gap between the two, and the pain of accepting that working to change the world can fail to fix problems very close to home.  Experimentalism in Application is playful and low-tech, drawing the viewer closer and expressing both the distant and abstract nature of contemporary theory and the real terror of family violence.