In Context: The Private Viewing / by marisa vitiello

Marisa: I hear this is a movement... like AirBnB and Uber, people are setting up shows in houses and other private spaces.

Beate: The sharing society.

Marisa: Yes. That's it. And your house is ideal for it because it's so open and spacious and the light is perfect.

Beate: It's so different seeing the work in context. 

Marisa: Yes, you taught me this, that we HAVE to put the work up all the time to see whether it's working or whether it's done. Always taping and un-taping and putting it up.

Beate: But then we wanted to do even more of this so we put a lot of art up and invited people over. We put almost a year's work up, but we couldn't even fit it all.

Marisa: It was so cool to see it up and to talk to people about it.

Beate: Should we show it to people who couldn't be there? 

Marisa: Yes, let's do a little tour of some of our favorite corners.

These were the first pieces you see once you enter the main space. 

And then... the mantle piece... you know, instead of grandma or a flat screen TV

Exhausted after the show

Headed upstairs, here were 8 squares, we now have 16

And on the right, you see Beate's image that started our whole collaboration and a stack of images below because it turned out we have made a LOT of art lately.

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{All photos by Tom Yoder}